a. Psychology Laboratory:
     The Department of Shiksha Shastri is equipped with well furnished psychology laboratory.  There are equipments for conducting 14 practicals on various theories of psychological foundations.
Traditional Sanskrit pupil teachers are trained in modern methods of psychology and they are encouraged and motivated to take up comparative studies based on the experiences in the laboratory for innovations in teaching Philosophical and Psychological foundations.

b. Educational Technology Laboratory:
    The Shiksha Shastri department is also equipped with Educational Technology Lab where in minimum equipments for educational innovative practices are available.  The lab trains the pupil teachers in using modern technology for teaching Sanskrit via O.H.P. computer presentations, LCD Projector, slide projectors etc.  The lab also possesses TV with dish antenna, Tape recorder etc

c. Language Laboratory
    We have well equipped language learning lab for Shiksha Shastra Students to learn different languages and develop their language skills.  It has sufficient personal computers with LAN and Internet facility.
c. Library Facilities
    There is a good library with a good number of books including Educational magazines, Encyclopedias, Manuscripts, Journals, The students can avail this facility and could gain good knowledge.
d. Hostel Facilities:
    At present hostel facility is available for few Girl and Boys students of Shiksha Shastri of the campus. There is a proposal to extend hostel facilities for the all Students in the next academic year subject to the availability of accommodation.