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1. Each student will be issued Library Borrowing Card for availing books for reference.
2. All students have to return the books borrowed within the stipulated time.
3. The Borrower Card should be surrendered on completion of the course or termination of the membership or on notice.
4. A Non-member will be permitted to refer the library with the approval of the competent authority.
5. Books will be issued to the members only on the production of identity card.
6. Students of the Campus with Identity Cards only are allowed to use the Library.
7. Members must sign in the gate register while entering the Library as a token of identification.
8. Damaged/rare books and the books which are 25 years old will not be issued.
9. No Dues Certificate will be issued by the librarian when a reader ceases to be a member and returns all books.
10. Silence should be strictly maintained in the library.
11. Readers are requested to leave the books on the reading tables after their use.
12. Books will be issued on request and reference given by the students.
13. Those who violate the rules and regulations of the Library will not be allowed to use the Library and disciplinary action will be initiated against them.
14. Reference books, Multi-volume books and periodicals are not lent


1. Borrowers are eligible to keep a book ordinarily for 14 days from the date of issue. A penalty of Re 1-00 per day, per book will be levied if returned after due date.
2. A penalty ranging five times or more of the price of the damaged or lost books will be levied and the decision of the Library Committee/Librarian/competent authority is final in this regard. In the case rare and unavailable books, the penalty will be decided by the competent authority on case to case basis.
3. If a Borrower fails to return any book within one calendar month from the due date, his/her borrowing privilege will be ceased and suitable disciplinary action will also be initiated.